The Singing Bowl

klang und vibration als weg zum wohlbefinden

Vickie Jenny
Zertifizierte Entspannungsberaterin und Atem Coach
Gewerbliche Masseurin

Was ist Singing Bowl Sound Therapy?

What do you do when you hear the ringing of a bell or chime? You stop and listen.  Singing bowls have the special ability to quickly bring one into presence and calm awareness.  

Music surpasses the boundaries of the rational analytical mind.  Ancient cultures have long used sound and music in healing rituals to alter states of consciousness.  The tones produced by singing bowls reach people on a very deep level.  


Sound and vibration have the capability to change your state of mind by literally altering brainwave states.  The relaxation from Singing Bowl Sound Therapy can bring about physiological changes that are optimal for healing and well being. 


Warum Singing Bowl Sound Therapy?

It can help you

Lower Stress Levels

Stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system and decrease heart rate and blood pressure. 

Release Tension and Pain

Use special techniques that encourage receivers to allow vibrations to travel further into the body  by relaxing and releasing held tension.

Breathe Deeper and Easier

Slow your breath and transition from shallow chest breathing to deep diaphragmatic breathing.  

Cope with Anxiety and Depression

Focus your attention on the relaxing sounds and sensations created by the singing bowls and allow your mind a welcome break from it's ongoing chatter and noise.  Clients often have  a different perspective after a treatment.

Improve overall Wellbeing

The cocooning effect of being enveloped in sound and vibration induces feelings of satisfaction and contentment.

Increase Mindful Awareness

Experience the meditative practice of deliberately placing your focus on sounds and sensations moving around and through your body.  You certainly won't be thinking about work or the shopping list.  


How it works

The interactive process of letting go.

Singing Bowl Sound Therapy is a deeply relaxing combination of sound and sensation. Hand made metal bowls are placed on and around the body and gently played.  The receiver is immersed in beautiful tones and tactile sensation as the vibrations travel deep into the body.  

The therapist will recommend simple meditative practices that the receiver can undertake during the treatment to increase its effectiveness and prevent wandering thoughts and distractions.  


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